How search engines impact your online reputation

Who doesn’t want a good online reputation as it is base of your entire business? In this non-stop running generation where people don’t have enough time to eat, they rely on online business for so many services. From ordering food to buy clothes to taking appointments from doctors, people do everything online. Almost every business is serving their best but how can you assure that customers are satisfied with your service and what they are talking behind about your business. Appearing on the first page of search engines such as Google; Bing can make a big difference in the success and failure of your business.

Businesses that understand the Importance of SEO, Google Ranking and the traffic they produce can identify the advantages of improving their online reputation management. In this world that has plenty of people who are doing online business doesn’t even know that there is a big difference between Online reputation, Search Engine Optimization and ORM. They still think that these are the same concepts, but it is definitely not. They are highly integrated but not same at all.

ORM DubaiAccording to the survey and report, a website that has the first rank on Google generates about and above 40% of overall clicks to the site. Listing on the search engine’s first page, results are about 90% of overall clicks. This thing is an essential factor in Digital Economy. It is obvious that Search engine such as Google search is able to generate a positive or negative impression even about a well-reputed brand that depends on the link and content appears on the results. This is why online reputation management is an essential activity.

As we have talked about earlier, that online reputation management and search engine optimization are not the same terms and also doesn’t work in the same way, though they are integrated. Google now changed it that how it will work and performs its search. These unique and important Google Algorithm is known as “Panda” and the recent one is known as “Penguin”.

With these changes, the future of online business is totally changed and has been influenced by search engines.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online reputation management (ORM) is one of the best and dynamic online activity and known to be one of the toughest activities too. This activity has a special factor that you cannot control the circumstances and situations which can totally convert the entire hard work into a campaign.

ORM DubaiSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Search engine optimization is one of the best tactics that can help you in many wats, There are so many methods in it that leads to great outcomes:

  1. content
  2. Keyword density
  3. Meta Tags

With the help of content, keyword density and meta tags, any business can gain popularity overnight But it is recommended to do good practices in order to avoid any payoff.

Google Wants Quality Content

 Google’s Panda update was intended at offering extra applicable and superiority content to operators. This apprises was trundled out in February 2011 in the USA, with several enlivens and apprises over the progression of the next few months. Panda 3.8 was unconfined in the culmination of June 2012. Although webmasters are still trying to be updated or a step forward with the Panda update.

Google freshly trundled out the Penguin update that affects about 3.1% of all search queries. This information was intended at charge a patterned on:

Duplicate content on google

Link schemes

Blog networks and

Exact Anchor text linking

These things are important that every online business should consider when it comes to improving search engine results.