Your guide to online reputation management

Online Reputation Management

There are a lot of delusions about online reputation management. People generally think that it is some kind of social media monitoring whereas some think that it has something to do with public relation and some have an idea about it at all. But in genuine terms, it can affect your business sales.

In today’s generation where from shopping to booking a dentist appointment, people do everything online, your business’s online reputation is an essential thing. For every business whether small or big, it is essential to understand that your business’s online reputation plays can impact your entire business. It is more important for the local business as people only trust you when they see reviews or you can say good reviews on your website. As per the report and survey, 94% of people get influenced by bad reviews on your website and they change their decision to buy your product or service from you. Here, in this blog, we will talk about a few steps or you can say a guide to online reputation management. With these steps, every business whether it is small or big will be beneficial.

online reputation management

Before move on to guide, let’s first understand what is online reputation management?

Online reputation management (ORM) is a set of strategies and techniques that shape by an organization to change the public perception towards their business. These strategies basically work when a website gains so many bad views about the product and service. It assists in drive customer’s opinion about your business’s product or services.

People often think that reputation on social is an important thing which is true but more than that search engine reputation management is important. Do not visualize search engine reputation management as a quelling against unfair reviews. Search engine reputation management is all about to be sure about your service, product and brand and their representation on search results.

Now, let’s discuss how you can do it….

1. Check the first page of SERPs of Google for your organization and be sure that your website has secured a great place and has own bulk of them. It means that whenever someone googles products or service related to your business, your organization’s web pages should be on the first page of the google. In order to rock the market, you need to own the entire google search results. These results also include:





YouTube channel

2.Find web pages, articles and blogs that have high traffic along with negative reviews and fix them in the best way possible.

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You may have noticed that the audience mentioned your product, brand or service in articles and blogs. This can be possible because of your opposition or unsatisfied customers. You need to fix those articles and blogs that have wrong and negative reviews about your business, brand or product.

3.Search for well-renowned branded terms and create content related to that search term.

It will be good for the branding of your business, most searched branded terms leads your customer’s to your brand or company’s webpage. Do not let a single chance go to impress your audience in order to get some good reviews. For example, if the audience searches for “Moz”, your company’s web page should be on the first SERPs.

4.Pull Positive reviews up in the SERPs and push negative mentions and reviews down.

It is understandable that negative comments are a big problem than any other thing as people get influenced by such reviews when it comes to trust a brand or company. If the negative review or mention gets more traffic then it would be bad news for your company so pulling them down in SERPs is the only good option.