How Can you Help your Kids to Protect their Online Reputation

Kids Reputation Management

In the current Digital world, most of the people including kids and teenagers are leaving their footprints on the various digital platforms in a really short span of time. While your Digital footprint can be quoted as a track of all your online activities including a Tweet, post or any status update, most of the kids and teenagers won’t realize that the same is impacting their future careers and success on a bigger context. Whatever reputation you build online, it will be leaving a huge impact on your future in the years to come, both in professional and personal aspects. That’s where parents can help their kids’ big time while telling them to take specific precaution and proper measures while doing an online activity. Let’s have a look at the some of the steps they can take in order to take care of the same.

Kids Reputation Management

Just Google It!

The First thing that can be done by the parents here is that they can search their kid’s name and all the related information related to them on Google. While it’s a worldwide known fact that Google is a public platform, every related link, post, image related to the searched item or person can be accessed with the help of just a click. They can also set Google alerts in the name of their kids which would send a notification whenever any search happens in their kid’s name. This way the Online Reputation of their kids can be tracked and monitored without any big efforts.

Report and Remove any negative stuff Online

If parents come though any kind of information regarding their kids which is offensive, negative or inappropriate, they can directly report it to the concerned social platform authority as nowadays every social platform got their own set of guidelines and in case of any wrongdoing gets reported, the same can be flagged and removed. Though removal is not that easy, still the same can be reported in due time before it can be seen by almost everyone in your kid’s friend circle.

Ensure Protection to Personal information

While whatever gets posted to social platforms can directly be seen on Google search results without any issue, the same can be protected and stopped by updating the privacy setting of any social media account. This way, you can track and control whatever being posted by others on yours or your kid’s social media profile and also who all can see it publicly. This is certainly the best way to avoid all those offensive and obscene messages to find its way into your kid’s profile.

Enhance your Online Reputation

Parents must know the fact that Google search results are the first impression of anyone in this growing Digital age. Therefore they must help their kids in making their profiles on various professional platforms like Linkedin in order to shape up a more positive impression on their future aspects like career, education and etc. This would help them big time as most of the admission officers and recruiters would like to search online for any preferred candidate for education or Job purpose.