Online Image Makeover: After the Reputation is Damaged.

Online image makeover: After the reputation is damaged.

Online Reputation DubaiImage is what we live for. Has your image Business or personal is suffered a very huge loss? And you are in a dilemma condition that how to respond to the bad comments. Not always bad comments are unnecessary; they will show you your shortcomings, the areas where you need to work out. But this can distort your brand image and Online Reputation, you may lose your business contacts or your financial status can suffer. If your reputation is damaged and you want a makeover so here is the guide.

Always choose some tools to check your online reputation

You cannot step forward without addressing what opinions your customers have. Every day customers use the comments as a tool for their complaints and praises. So it’s not that easy to measure your online reputation manually. So here are some tools and alerts that can be used. Mostly small businesses cannot pay attention to these tools to measure their online reputation in Dubai and Globally. But if you want to rebuild your damaged online image, you must start by assessing your online reputation.

  • Set Google alerts for the notifications regarding your brand.
  • Sign up on the free review monitoring accounts. The tool helps to find out the best popular reviews about your company and brand.
  • You can use the Ranker version which monitors all activities across your website.

Turn your negative review with the positive feedback

Not every bad comment is unnecessary, try to analyze the reason behind the bad comments. Make a list and provide them with positive feedback. Show transparency and confidentiality to the customer so that the audience can rely on your response. Find out why someone is negative with your company or brand, what are the possible ways you can fix the problem with its root cause. This is how you can makeover your reputation by showing some apologies for the limitations and assurance for the next better response.

Online Branding DubaiTake advantage form the negative scenario 

Your customers are always up to your response. They want to see how you are responsible for them. If you don’t provide feedback they will not feel happy to provide feedback. But you can take advantage of appraising their feedback and reinforcing the healthy relationship with them.

Keep your responses quickly, and thank the customers with honest feedback.

Take the help of best online reputation repair tools

  • Start by Google Yourself – always starts by checking your brand, your name search results on Google. Then think about the measures that can fix the problem. 
  • Use Google Alerts – if you keep yourself updated with every small alert, you can take action quickly. 
  • Social mention – the audience is active on social media, so discover what they are saying about your presence on social media. 
  • Spokeo- it is a great tool helps you to know what the internet says about you. This will read your email, address, and phone number and correct the other information. 
  • Use the Back Tweets – you can use this tool and figure out who is talking about, your brand on twitter.
  • Google removal – It is recommended that you can delete the unwanted content by directly having words with the website owner. But in the special conditions, search engine results can be removed, like some offensive images and account numbers, etc. 

This way you can repair your damaged online presence.